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Współpraca z ROSJĄ

Voronezh State University (Russian Federation) would like to participate in developing Joint Project or Structural Measures projects under the 6th call of the TEMPUS IV Programme. Please find the VSU partner offer proposals in the attachment.

Irina Bakalova,

Centre for international projects and programmes,

Voronezh State University

Regional Information Centre for Scientific and

Technological Cooperation with EU

Universitetskaya Sq. 1, 478A

394006 Voronezh, RF

mailto: bakalova@vsu.ru

URL: http://www.ric.vsu.ru

Kokshe Academy was formed in 1993 and now is higher education institution, aimed at education, science and culture development. There are two specialties for master degree:

  • Economics;

  • Ecology;


  1. Information about the intended TEMPUS project:

Development of International Master Courses in Ecology

  1. Project proposal/description:

The proposed academic offer is conceived as an instrument to face the actual international environmental problems, as well as the new pressures created by unsustainable economic growth. The variety of existing problems requires an interdisciplinary approach and an integrated methodology to make sure that the project proposal has a long-term impact.

The project gives an opportunity to higher education institutions to improve their master programs according to the demands of modern education. The aims of the project include:

curricula analysis, curricula design of MA degree courses, definition of the needed competences in the  area of Ecology, modularization, assignment of ECTS, methods of internships and practices in companies, tutoring projects, methods of evaluation,  up-dating and preparation of new teaching materials


Please contact:

Postgraduate department, Kokshe Academy

Head of postgraduate department, candidate of biological sciences K.H. Seidalina

Tel. +77162326417; 077025637291;

E-mail magistratura.kokshe@mail.ru



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