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TAJIK AGRARIAN UNIVERSITY named after SHITINSHO SHOTEMUR (TAU) is looking for an opportunity to become a partner in your TEMPUS projects on TEMPUS IV, 6th Call. We are discussing many Tempus ideas at the University as well and will be back to you with those ideas to find relevant partners for our National and Regional Projects.       

TAU is Tajikistan's leading institution in the field of agriculture, agribusiness, Horticulture and Agricultural Biotechnology, Hydro - melioration, Animal Sciences, Economy, Mechanization, and Veterinary. The university consists of  9 faculties, with about 7000 students and more then 500 teaching staff. 

The geography of TAU international linkages covers European and Asian and the Pacific region countries.  Strong international networking and academic relations have been developing under the framework of various international partnerships and/or development programs. At various stages of its development, TAU has focused on specific subject areas to gain successful experience and promote its study programs sustainability. The fields of Land management, Geodesy and Geoinformatics, Agro-ecology, Agro-economy, Environmental Engineering and related subjects have been given priority, so academic programs in these fields have been the most beneficial of international affiliations.

Ongoing 4 Tempus projects and 2 Erasmus projects during last 2-3 years open new opportunities for making improvements in curriculum development, personnel development, quality assurance reviews, plans for laboratory development, international linkages, and other initiatives. 

TAU will also assist you in finding local and regional partners for the projects. Please contact Zamirakhon Kodirova, coordinator of International projects of TAU via kzatau@gmail.com to get more information 

More information on the University can be found at http://www.tajagroun.tj/en/

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