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Propozycje współpracy

  • 21.12.2011 - 15:19

    In connection with announcement of the 5th Call of Proposal TEMPUS,  Taurida National University V.I. Vernadsky would be gratefully appreciated to join consortium as a partner if you are going to submit an application. As far as Taurida University is concerned, it consists of 16 faculties ( http://www.tnu.crimea.ua/ ), which provide training in 45 specialties. We look forward to cooperating in multicountry or national project on:

  • 21.12.2011 - 12:31

    szczegółowe informacje w załączniku

  • 21.12.2011 - 12:29

    Master in Renewable Energy


    Faculty of Technical Sciences (FTS) at the University Mitrovica (Kosovo UN1244) is preparing a project in Renewable Energy Resources through introducing entirely new 2-year Master Course.


    The wider objective of the project is to modernize the Electrical Engineering and Energy curricula of the Department for Electrical Energy (DEE) in line with pressing regional (and global) imperatives for promotion of energy efficiency and production of clean power, and contribute to regional sustainable economic development overall. 


  • 21.12.2011 - 12:25

    On behalf of some Albanian Higher Education Institutions, I would like to inform you that we are asking for partner institutions  interested  in participating  in  a  Tempus  project  in the field of teacher training and education sciences as this has become a national priority for Tempus Fifth call


    Information about the intended TEMPUS project:


    Type of project: (Joint project or Structural Measures) For Joint Project (JP): ?Curricular Reform?, focus on "Teacher and training and Education Science", For Structural Measures (SM): ?Higher Education and Society? in ?Training of non-university teachers?



    Project proposal/description:


  • 20.12.2011 - 14:31

    Voronezh State University, (Voronezh, Russia) is looking for partners for joint preparing a project proposal under Tempus IV.

    We are very interested in a project under 'Development of international relations', Governance reform.

    This is a good chance because it is the first time after a very long break - more than 10 year -  when 'Development of international relations' is included into Russian national priorities.

    Irina Bakalova,

    Central Black-Soil

    Regional Information Centre for Scientific and Technological Cooperation with EU Voronezh State University

    Universitetskaya pl. 1,

    394006 Voronezh, RF

    mailto: viv@rciabc.vsu.ru

    URL: http://www.ric.vsu.ru

  • 19.12.2011 - 15:11

    szczegóły w załączniku

  • 13.12.2011 - 12:44

    Faculty of Economics and Management - Slovak University of Agricultural in Nitra http://www.fem.uniag.sk/fem/en/. Faculty is very keen about participation in the next TEMPUS call.

  • 13.12.2011 - 12:42

    Kirovohrad National Technical University (Ukraine) would like to participate in TEMPUS IV project and is searching for the partners. Please send this information to the interested institutions.

    1. Name of your university/institution/industry or company interested in participating in TEMPUS project:

    Kirovohrad National Technical University (http://www.kntu.kr.ua)

    2. Main field of activities of your institution:

    Higher education organization in two levels-Bachelor and Master in the following fields:

    ·    agricultural engineering

    ·    electrical engineering

  • 13.12.2011 - 12:41

    szczegółowe informacje w załączonym pliku

  • 08.12.2011 - 15:28

    w załączonym pliku znajduje się wykaz serbskich uczelni zainteresowanych uczestnictwem w projektach w ramach piątego zaproszenia do składania wniosków