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Propozycje współpracy

  • 08.12.2011 - 15:26

    szczegółowe informacje w załączonym pliku

  • 05.12.2011 - 15:56

    MBA in Healthcare Management

    The higher education  in the countries of the Central Asia  has many the general problems in view of that all are representatives of Soviet Union. But we cannot tell, that the system of higher education of the former Soviet Union was bad, on the contrary in it there was a lot of a positive. A problem that with collapse of Soviet Union and with transition to market economy the old system has been destroyed and how to work in new conditions either did not know, or were not able. The higher education and Healthsystem in the countries of the former Soviet Union should be reconstructed and adapted for market conditions.

  • 05.12.2011 - 15:03

    Technological University of Tajikistan wants to participate in the programs  of  Tempus, Erasmus  Mundus and  FP 7. And to become partners in a realization of project developed by universities and research centers in Europe.

        Technological University of Tajikistan is interested to be a participant in the implementation of projects in information and communication technology (ICT), food production, textile design, economic  and   humanities sciences.

          Technological University of Tajikistan expresses its respect and acknowledgement for your international corporation on the sphere of  high education.

  • 05.12.2011 - 10:55

    szczegółowe informacje w załączonych plikach

  • 05.12.2011 - 10:29

    We are applying for TEMPUS V CALL from Khazar University www.khazar.org, Baku, Azerbaijan.

    Concept note

    The wider objective of the project is to develop cooperation between Universities and enterprises for timely preparation of university graduates for the labor market.

    Specific objectives of the project: The first one is to develop students’ internship program models in relevant accredited study programs on Azerbaijan universities as this should enable students to gain professional experience, develop competency, explore career fields, while earning academic credits.

  • 05.12.2011 - 10:06

    The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Moldova is interested to participate in TEMPUS projects focused on the following priorities: Univesity management and student services (especialy interested in Integrated Lybrary Management), Introduction of quality assusrance, Institutional and financial authonomy, and other TEMPUS priorities relevant for Moldova.

  • 05.12.2011 - 09:58

    Voronezh State University (Russian Federation) would like to participate in developing Joint Project or Structural Measures project on the

    - Curricular reform in the Economics, Linguistics, Tourism, Ecology, Philology and International Relations academic fields;

    - Modernisation of multilevel education system in Russian universities, especially the international cooperation management (ready to be responsible for preparing).

    - EU-Russia Innovation network “University – enterprise” development;

    - Establishment infrastructure for higher education—economics interaction.


    Please find VSU general partner offer profile, the Economics Faculty, Mathematical Faculty and the International Relations Faculty profiles in the attachment.


  • 28.11.2011 - 10:50

    szczegółowe informacje w załączeniu

  • 28.11.2011 - 10:46

    szczegółowe informacje w załączeniu

  • 24.11.2011 - 11:52

    Dear partners,

    you are very  welcome to join the consortsium of TEMPUS project idea, described in the attachment. The theme of project is very necessary and interesting itself and is strongly supported by the consortsium members. The idea is in very need for many Universities as long as it is new for European country Universities in contrast to US universities. 

    For more competitiveness we need experienced Applicant and participant EU Universities strong in technology transfer and innovative activity, collaborative with technological platforms and business-incubators – for positive response of experts.